Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Reign of God Application Form

I  found this on a yellowed piece of paper while searching for something else, as always. It is a reminder that should be available to all seeking God so I shall type it in. The author is Mary Alban Bouchard, CSJ. She is a University Professor in Montreal and also spent time in Haiti after the earthquake.

The Reign of God Application Form

Please fill out the questionnaire after careful thought:

1) How long have you been at your present job?
(The purpose of this question is to determine whether you can stick with it)

2) How many ploughs have you burned? Give reasons.

3) What are you presently doing for the reign of God (instruction, peace, justice, reconciliation, spiritual and corporal works of mercy, regular & persevering prayer)? Check one:
     ___ All I can full time, ___ very little, ___ Nothing

4) Are you willing to be transferred (i.e. sent)?

5) If not now employed in the reign of God, when will you be ready to begin?

6) If not immediately, what is causing delay? List your excuses below (use back of page if necessary).

7) State in a sentence or two what you consider to be the essence of the message of the kingdom of God (if you got the message!)

8) How do you usually handle lack of positive response? like James & John, the "fire from heaven" treatment? Are you easily discouraged?

9) List your qualities for this job:
     Faith:   strong___, medium ___, weak ___, barely alive ___
     Hope:  enthusiastic ___, cynical ___, hardly a flicker ___
     Love:  active ___, theoretical ___, out of practice
     Willingness to learn:  eager ___, apathetic ___, doubtful ___, consider it unnecessary
     Ability to work with others on a scale of 1 to 10: _____
     Humility: want lots of credit for my work ___, don't need it ___, appear not to need it but get it subtly ___

Re-read, then present to the head of the corporation, Jesus Christ. Await reply.

Mary Alban Bouchard, CSJ


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