Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On our new pope, Francis

 Today the selection of Jorge Bergoglio as our new pontiff, Pope Francis, has just been announced. I am of two minds. I am encouraged by his humility, disdain for trappings and preference for the poor. I am not sure about how his orthodoxy on women, contraception, homosexuality will play out though one would expect that it could only move toward understanding

 As I've been surfing the net, Catholics (& non-Catholics) have been weighing in pro- and con-.  I especially like this discerning comment from Matthew:

    • I've actually been praying on my thoughts and words for the last hour and so and I have had a new thought - God gave me the will to choose my course and a soul and heart to be molded by the aches and pains on this world. This then is my path and my choice - to be the Catholic who loves my faith and teachings so much that I can disagree without being unruly. I can voice opinions and thoughts and have no problem with being disagreed with. For those who feel as I feel and think as I do, I will find comfort and a home. For those I do not, I accept their slings and arrows as my personal whipping at the pillar. If it make you feel better to hurt me, do so. Battered, but unbowed. I humbly offer this all to my Lord as a life that may not be virtuous, but a life lived. I pray for forgiveness of sins commited here on Earth and a comforting embrace when I am called back to the Father's house.
    • So be it. Be it according to God's will."

"Thy will be done" - that is my mantra each day.


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